Advanced 3D Modelling

In this tutorial you will learn further 3D modelling techniques and build on skills initially learned in the introductory 3D Modelling tutorial. In that tutorial you were walked through the process of box modelling a hand in the program Anim8or, in this tutorial you will learn some more advanced box modelling techniques through the creation of a cartoon character in a new (but still free) program, Blender. The character we’re making is the iconic Sackboy from the Sony PS3 game LittleBigPlanet:

Before really getting stuck into this tutorial, it would be of benefit to learn the basics of Blender. This will allow us to move a little more swiftly through this tutorial as opposed to theĀ previous Anim8or one. Getting the hang of Blender is pretty easy and I’ll give you a few pointers in this first lesson…

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