Basic Tutorials

This section is designed to contain tutorials of an introductory nature. The term “basic” is perhaps misleading because it does not necessarily mean simple, it’s meant to indicate a starting point.

Quite often different computing disciplines have levels of difficulty and so gaining a basic understanding of a field before diving into the more complex elements of a topic is useful. A perfect example are the three different web design tutorials on this site:

  1. Intro to Web Design
  2. Making a website
  3. Advanced Web Design (still coming)

If you’re interested in web design but have never touched it before then it’s obviously necessary to have a starting point which is what the basic tutorial is for. Should you have some knowledge and want to step in at a more advanced level then the other two allow for that.

Being an I.T. Professional requires solid foundational skills so starting with the basics regardless of ability and experience is often a valuable thing to do.

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