This site was created by Mr. Cruwys using the WordPress Content Management System during the later half of 2011. It is based on the theme “twenty-eleven” and utilises the following plugins:

  1. Advanced Sidebar Menu (v1.2): This was in order to only list the side menu items I wanted instead of the whole site hierarchy on each page.
  2. Ambrosite Next/Previous Page Link Plus (v1.0): This plugin enabled me to place the dynamic “Previous” and “Next” links found at the bottom of each tutorial lesson.
  3. Akismet (v2.5.3): This plugin stops me having to deal with spam comments. Just in case you’re making your own site and wondering how prominent spam is, it’s about 10 comments an hour…honestly, what sort of low are these people?!?

Many minute details of the style sheet and php files have been altered to suit the way I wanted the site to look, this includes things like the heading image, comment form styling, default phrases and much more. This has been with the assistance of:

  1. Google: Honestly, how did the world function without Google?!?…I can’t (and won’t) remember a time without it!
  2. WordPress Codex: This is the official, online manual for WordPress, a must for anyone looking to tweak any of the functions it contains.
  3. Infinite Networks: I did a week of Return to Industry work experience with these guys and learnt an amazing amount about web design.

If you wish to contact me, my email address can be found in the footer, or you can simply leave a comment below.

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