07. The Arm

The arm poses two fairly major problems:

  1. We don’t have a face or faces that align perfectly with the arm attachment
  2. The arm will not be created hanging by Sackboy’s side

The first of these problems can be fixed by altering the face that’s directly on the side. Start by subdividing it to get four faces, then delete the edge in the middle of the arm socket and adjust vertices to get our arm hole:

A few notes on this change since it’s one of the vital steps in getting a decent arm:

  1. Notice it’s six sided again, our mesh isn’t perfect but there’s a level of consistency about it. Always contemplate the consequences of changes you make to your mesh.
  2. Notice that the changes we’ve made create some five-sided faces around our edge loop. This is a relatively new possibility in 3D modelling. In the past it has been the norm to make sure your faces were four and maybe three-sided, Blender 2.6 and onward allow you to create n-sided polygons and it will do the hard part of working out how to adjust surrounding polygons to fit, watch this video for more on this.
  3. Notice I’ve moved the rear most vertice further behind Sackboy’s back. This just aligns it better with the shape of his torso…always check every new vertice from multiple angles to check how well your mesh is progressing.

So once you’re happy with the starting loop we need to extrude the arm to create a shoulder and the forearm, remember that it needs to be pointing directly out to the side and will need an elbow:

Obviously we’re not following the reference image here and so you just have to observe your model from multiple angles until you get something you’re happy with.

Lastly we need to make an appropriate hand. There are many ways to do this, you could choose to make his hand more of a mitten if you wanted but since we’ve already made a hand before, let’s practice those skills by doing it again. The only real challenge will be ensuring you have a face in position to create each digit, this will primarily require edge subdivision/creation and face creation:

So with a bit of tweaking here and there you should now have the basic mesh of Sackboy!

Some of the steps in this lesson were done quickly so if you need any help before we continue, feel free to ask below, otherwise, it’s time to make this mesh awesome!

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