06. The Leg

Our next priority is to create an appropriate leg. Remember that planning and thinking about your next move is crucial in 3D modelling, we need to know where and how detailed this leg is going to be. Since our torso is a six sided cylinder, our leg might as well be the same. This works out to be fairly easy with our model since we have two faces that align fairly well with where the leg ought to be:

If we delete those faces and the edge between them we’re left with six edges that form an edge loop to extrude a leg from, perfect! So let’s delete the unnecessary bits and then reposition the vertices so they line up with the entry point of this leg:

This is far from an ideal alteration to our mesh, the change I’ve made to the top right vertice of that edge loop has added a fairly significant distortion to the torso, just make sure you note that change and we’ll come back to fix it later.

So next we need to extrude this edge loop to start making our leg, extrude it out a fair distance initially like this:

You’ll notice that all the vertices of this edge loop remain offset from the front which won’t suit the rest of this leg so what we can do is scale them back to one of the visible front axes. Do this by Pressing “S” > “Z” > “0” > “Enter” which will zero all the vertices to the z axis:

While this may look like we’ve mucked up our leg, you can see all the vertices are aligned so when you rotate and scale from now on they will remain on a single plane:

So there’s our first leg extrusion, now we just need to keep extruding in order to create an appropriate leg with as few edge loops as we can:

And there you have it! Now all that’s left is to make the arm…

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