11. Materials & Textures

In Blender’s side menu we’ve already had a look at “Object Modifiers“, the new option we’re going to address is the “Material” tab:

You can add a material to any object and customise it to suit the type of object you’re simulating; glass, wood, grass, sky, etc. We’ll start by creating a material for Sackboy via the following steps:

  1. Click the + button next to “New
  2. Click the word “Material” that is located just above the word “Surface
  3. Change the name of this material to “BurlapM

Now we have a basic material with no real properties to it. Next thing to do is create a texture that can be used in this material. Next to the “Material” tab is one called “Textures“, select that:

Just like our material, we now need to create a new texture, this time it is going to link to a picture that gives a portion of burlap sack, feel free to source your own, or you can use this one:

  1. Click the + button next to “New
  2. Just above the “Type” option rename “Texture” to “BurlapT
  3. In the “Type” option, select “Image or Movie
  4. Click on the “Open” button in the Image drop down
  5. Select your sack-texture-picture thing

And now you’ve created a material with your texture as it’s underlying image. Hit “F12” to render again and let’s see what it looks like:

Hmmm…not quite what we’re after?!? But that’s to be expected, we’ve not tailored this texture/material to suit our object. So basically we now need to alter the setting of our texture and material until it does look correct. Experimentation really is beneficial at this stage so I’m going to leave you to play around with the settings and see what you can come up with…here’s my final material:

So where to now?

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