12. Final touches

Our mesh is pretty solid now, but it still needs a few final touches. We need to create eyes and a zipper. If you’re really going for authenticity you may want to add the interlocking zipper teeth and stitches too! There’s no special tricks in completing those steps, you simply need to go ahead and use the modelling skills you’ve been using up to this point:

I built the zipper in three separate parts, there’s no magic involved, just the same skills we’ve been using the whole way through. I haven’t added any material to it because it kind of looks good as it is.

The eyes were not done with a mirror, I finished one and then duplicated it (“Shift-D“) for the other side, this means there’s a slight lack of symmetry in the final mesh but appropriate to the model I feel. It’s material is nothing special, do some experimenting and you’ll no doubt get it to look the way you want.

Super-Final Touches
The very last thing to do is alter the lighting and perhaps the world settings so Sackboy has a brighter render. I’m simply going to duplicate lights and reposition them to eliminate some of the unnecessary shadows and perhaps brighten the scene. I’m changing the world colour (see if you can work out how to do this) to a lighter gray which should look good with Sackboy against it:

And there you have it! One complete Sackboy mesh. Some of the later steps have been done fairly quickly so if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below each lesson.

Hopefully now you have all the skills necessary to build a solid mesh representing any object you wish to model.

2 thoughts on “12. Final touches

  1. This is great! Thanks! Could you give me a clue about how you made the eyes? Are they separate objects joined to the mesh or created from the mesh itself or something else?

    • You’re correct, the eyes were made by simply creating a UV Sphere and then squishing it to look like a button. Once you’re happy with one you can duplicate it for the other side.

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