09. The Mouth

Like all the other aspects of this 3D modelling project, there are multiple ways to approach the creation of a mouth. You could try and alter your mesh as it is but I think this is a good point to introduce the “Boolean” modifier.

The “Boolean” Modifier
This modifier basically takes two objects that have been intersected and applies one of three boolean modifications:

  1. Difference: Combine two meshes in a subtractive way
  2. Union: Combine two meshes in an additive way
  3. Intersect: Keep the part of the mesh that intersects with the other selected object

The reason why this will work for us, is that we can create a shape that mimics the gap of the mouth and then delete the difference from our Sackboy mesh.

For this we will need a modified cube, so go back to Object Mode, add a cube and then flatten it into a wedge that will eventually sit through Sackboy’s mouth:

You’ll notice I’ve really flattened one end of the cube, this just means the edge of his mouth should look a little better when we’re done. Next you need to add a bunch of edge loops from the top view in order to give this cube some vertices that our curve modifier can work with:

Next up we need to add some curves to give Sackboy a smile, we’ll start with his side on curvature. To create a curve we have to first “Add” > “Curve” > “Bezier” in Object Mode. Then Rotate it so it’s facing directly down the Z axis, you can then tweak the curve to match Sackboy’s smile from the side, something like this:

Then all we do is select our mouth wedge and add the “Curve” modifier. Select your BezierCurve as the “Object” and then move your mouth onto the curve:

So we can now apply that modifier, delete the bezier curve and do it all again for the curvature at the front:

And now we have a perfect, mouth-shaped wedge! Place it into position and now we just select the Sackboy mesh and add a Boolean Modifier with these settings:

And voila! We’ve subtracted a perfect mouth-shaped wedge from our mesh. Make sure you apply your modifier and then delete the “mouth-wedge-cube-thing” and the mouth is done!

We now have the general gist of Sackboy so it’s probably a good time to take a picture of him to see him in all his glory!

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