04. Edge Loops

Once again, you may have already encountered edge loops when making your hand (in fact it’s more than likely!) Essentially what we have to do with our cylinder is cut extra edges into it in order to create the shape of Sackboy.

To add an edge, simply hold your mouse over the area you want to cut an edge into and press “Ctrl-R“. You then Left-Click to place the edge, then move it into position with the mouse and Left-Click again to finalise it. Then you need to manipulate this new set of vertices so they mimic our little guys shape. So his neck for instance should look something like this after scaling, moving and rotating two edge loops:

Notice again that from the front we can’t quite align the vertices on the Z-axis, don’t worry if you can’t get it perfect, just scale the edge loops into a place that is mostly correct. Notice also that the reference images don’t perfectly align, this is inevitable with drawn character images, just do the best you can.

Now you need to keep adding the more important edge loops to your model in order to get the shape you want. Consider first, the place where the arm and leg are going to be extruded from:

Hopefully you can see with these edge loops, we now have places where the arm and leg can grow from. In the side view you can probably see a good face we can use for the leg but the faces around the arm attachment don’t quite align with the reference image, this is something we can sort out later…as long as the front view looks good.

Now let’s get the head sorted, once again, try to keep in mind other items needing creation, eyes, mouth etc:

And then it’s just a matter of making sure we have his most important parts created; bottom, tummy, top of head and crotch. This is done with further loop cuts and in the case of the top and bottom, simply extrude and shrink those faces to create an appropriate cap:

And there you have it…head, neck and torso, all matching the reference images pretty well. Don’t go overboard with loop cuts at this stage, remember we’re trying to keep the poly count low and there are other methods of making the model more detailed anyway.

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