19. Load complete!

So to complete our “Load” sub procedure we now just need to disable the Play Again button, which leads us to the “Boolean” data type.

You would be surprised how often a value of simply “True” or “False” can be handy! In the case of our Play Again button, whether it is in an enabled or disabled state is simply a true or false value. All objects you might like to use in a VB project have a property called “Enabled” that you can set to “True” or “False” so in our case:

butAgain.Enabled = False

And that’s it, VB will “grey out” this button and it will stay that way for the rest of the running of your program unless we decide to change it.

So that should now allow you to complete the “Load” sub-procedure and when you run it, it should look like my one back here. If it doesn’t then feel free to ask questions below but remember to try solving your own problems before seeking help, debugging is an important aspect of programming!

Formatting your code
Before continuing on with the program it’s worth noting the importance of formatting your code. This is a concept that is true across all forms of programming and I’ve therefore provided a tutorial specifically for it. Go through this tutorial and when you’re done we’ll continue…

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