06. Using the IDE

IDE stands forĀ IntegratedĀ Development Environment and is basically the program you use that lets you create source code. That might sound confusing but we need some way to make our computer program and so an IDE is how we write our programs. So once you open VB.NET you will be inside the IDE we’re going to use to make our programs.

Once open, you’ll probably find the VB.NET interface a little intimidating. Rather than overwhelm you with it all, I’m going to provide you with a template to start with:

  1. Download this zipped template
  2. Unzip the contents to wherever you’re going to work from
  3. Click on the “Open Project…” link from within the VB.NET IDE (or find it under the “File” menu)
  4. Navigate your way to your unzipped “template” folder and select the “Solution.sln” file to open our template

Okay! Now that we have a project opened we’re ready to understand the IDE interface!

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