04. Choosing a language

Now that we have a little bit of the theory behind programming under our belts, it’s time to see it in action. We still have quite a lot of theory to go but from now on it’s probably more easily understood in the light of an actual language.

So choosing a language is no easy task. Different languages do different¬†things¬†well…some are good for web design, some are good for interacting with databases, some are good for writing operating systems. I already mentioned back here that there are hundreds out there, but most tend to derive from a few big names:

  1. C – One of the foundational languages of modern programming.
  2. Java – Another foundation but in the area of Object-Oriented Programming.
  3. Visual Basic – An easy to use introductory language.

There are plenty more of importance but if you’re starting out, these are probably the ones you’re likely to hear about and probably want to know about initially. Of these, Visual Basic is far and away the easiest and since this tutorial is all about understanding programming concepts more than a specific language, we’re going with it!

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