10. Making a GUI

As I already mentioned, not all languages have an IDE or even the ability to make an interactive user interface. VB.NET however, most certainly does, and it is usually the easiest place to start. So let’s have a go at making the following Graphical User Interface for our program:

Creating this shouldn’t be too hard through trial and error but if you’re struggling, here are some tips:

  • The toolbox contains all the objects we’re trying to put on our form
  • Anything that looks raised is a “Button
  • Anything that looks like text is a “Label
  • The lines between each button are instances of the “LineShape” object
  • If your objects don’t look like mine, experiment in the “Properties” window
  • The “Properties” window shows properties of whatever object you have selected

Once you’ve made your initial form look EXACTLY like mine, it’s time to understand some more programming conventions.

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