05. Visual Basic.NET

Okay, so we’re going with Visual Basic.NET…this section explains what it’s about and how you can get and install your own copy.

Visual Basic was initially created by Microsoft in 1991 and has been evolving over the years to keep up with modern computer systems. In 2002 Visual Basic underwent a major evolution into what we now call Visual Basic.NET. If you were looking to create business solutions and sell your work then you’d be required to buy a copy of VB.NET but as we’re just using it to learn programming you can download a free copy:

  • Download VB.NET Express from here

The initial download is small (~3mb) but during the install it will download the files it requires from the Microsoft servers. From memory it will download something in the order of another 200mb so just be aware of this!

Once you’ve installed VB.NET (which is relatively simple compared to some installs) you will be required to register your product. This simply involves setting up an account and giving some details in order to get a registration key…it’s no big deal.

VB.NET Capture

The opening page of VB.NET

Now you should be ready to open up VB.NET and we can move on. If you’re having troubleĀ installingĀ it, then post a comment down the bottom and I’ll get you sorted.

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