05. Mesh manipulation

One of the more challenging aspects of 3D modelling is being able to manipulate your 3D model in this virtual 3D space. In order to look around your model, press “Ctrl-R” (this is almost certainly a shortcut you will need to remember!)

That green circle that now appears allows us to move around our model. If you LMC (Left Mouse Click) anywhere inside that circle and drag in any direction you will see that you can change the way you look at your model.

Notice that the Green, Blue and Red arrows indicating axis directions move with your model and so you can always tell which direction you’re looking at your model from. An important point to note is that you are not rotating or changing the position of your model in any way during this process, you are simply changing the way you look at it! If you don’t believe me, go back to viewing your model from the front.

Okay, so now we can fly around our model and get to any part of it we want. Once you’re done flying around make sure to turn off the Arc Rotate tool by pressing “Ctrl-R” again. The next thing we need to know, is how to select individual parts of this model:

During the the next few lessons all those tools above will become much more familiar but for now just try selecting different aspects of your model by using the “Select” or “Drag Select” button, in combination with one of the “Point/Edge/Face” buttons. A very important tip you’ll find useful is that to select multiple parts of your model you can RMC (Right Mouse Click) to add to whatever is selected!

In the picture above you can see that I’ve selected five of the faces on the front of my model. It’s important you understand exactly which components you have selected, if I go back to perspective view and use the Arc Rotate tool again (“Ctrl-R” if you’ve forgotten) to have a look behind my model:

You can see I haven’t selected any of the faces on the rear of my model. Knowing exactly what you’re doing in this virtual 3D space is extremely important!

Okay, hopefully you’re a whiz at getting around and selecting parts of your model, it’s time to discover what we’re actually making!

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