04. Object/Point edit mode

If we select the “Object/Point edit” button from our original selection of four buttons, the tools change to allow the option of editing individual components:

This is different to the previous set of tools because these ones can let us alter individual bits of our cube. In order to understand better what I mean by individual bits, try clicking on each of the following buttons a few times and see what happens to your cube:

At the bottom of the program you will see the name of each of the tools you’re clicking on and what you’re doing is switching from Wireframe view, to Flat Shaded view, to Smooth Shaded view. When you’re editing individual parts of an object, Wireframe view tends to be one of the easiest views to work in so switch to that one now. Your model should look something like this:

Notice that you can now see all the individual faces, edges and vertices, and if you go to “View” > “Perspective” now, you can see the skeleton of this three-dimensional “cube” quite well (I use the term “cube” loosely now since this object is obviously no longer cube- shaped!):

Okay, it’s now time to understand how we manipulate the individual components of our model and have a good look around it.

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