03. Precise measurements

Let’s go back to viewing our cube from the front, in order to do this go to the “View” menu and select “Front“. Notice that it suggests a keyboard shortcut you can also use. Keyboard shortcuts are very common in 3D modelling programs so if we encounter one that looks useful, try to remember it…you might even find it useful to keep a document summarising them.

Now we need to manipulate our cube to be an exact size in an exact position. To do this simply Double Left-Mouse Click (DLMC) on your cube and you should get a new window like this:

Editing an object to give it precise values is often necessary in 3D modelling and so getting in the habit of editing them like this is valuable. We’re going to change this cube to have the following values:

This will split our cube into many separate divisions and give it precise dimensions right in the middle of our 3D world.

So, at the moment we are editing the cube, but what we need to do now is edit the individual components that make up that cube. In order to do that we need to convert our cube into what’s called a “mesh”. We do this by selecting the “Build” menu option and selecting “Convert to Mesh“.

The only change you’ll likely notice at this stage is the colour of the thin line surrounding your cube changed from yellow to white. What we’ve done is convert that cube shape into it’s individual components; the edges, vertices and faces that make it up. We can now edit those…

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