02. Your first cube

The interface for 3D modelling software can often be quite intimidating, I will attempt to explain everything we do in a fair amount of detail and provided you follow this tutorial to the letter you should hopefully become quite familiar with some of the tools and techniques used in 3D modelling.

First up, find the following four buttons on your toolbar and click on each of them a few times…watch what happens to the rest of the toolbar:

Notice that the toolbar gives you different options depending on which one of those four buttons you select, for now we are going to use the “Object/Edit” menu which has the picture of an arrow on it so select that one.This let’s us create, manipulate and work with whole objects. We now need to create our first cube so we select the following button from near the bottom of the toolbar on the left:

Okay now all we need to do is Left-Mouse Click (LMC) in the center of the grid area and drag outwards in any direction and voila! You’ve created your first cube!

You may be wondering whether we’ve drawn a cube or a square since our picture only indicates X and Y coordinates. What’s missing is depth, or a Z axis. To prove that this is a cube and not a square, go to the “View” menu and select “Perspective“…

Now you can see that the object we’ve created is indeed a cube!

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