01. Choosing your program

In order to introduce you to 3D modelling in the simplest manner possible we are going to use the simplest 3D modelling tool around…Anim8or:

Anim8or can be downloaded free from here. It’s only 1.8mb in size, which compared to most 3D modelling programs is AMAZINGLY small! It can do all the things you should know about as a beginning 3D modeller and will help provide a solid foundation for using more advanced programs.

It will work on 32-bit machines running Windows XP without any hassle whatsoever, in fact it will run portably off of a USB drive if you wish! If you are using a 64-bit machine then this program must be run as a 32-bit application and so the only way it will work is to ensure it is copied into your “Program Files (x86)” folder on the C drive, i.e.

You may also have to ensure you are able to run it with administrator rights.

You’ll notice it doesn’t actually need installing, it’s simply an executable so once you’ve got it on your machine or USB drive, open it up and let’s start exploring!

If for some reason you can’t get it to work then feel free to ask questions below and I’ll see if I can help you get it going.

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