17. Conclusion

What started as a fairly simple idea has hopefully shown you what Spreadsheets are capable of. This tutorial has given one interpretation of how to present the data in “gv” better but by no means is it perfect. Consider the following potential problems:

  1. What if we had more than 30 students in a class?
  2. Would our sort range work for more than three tasks?
  3. What happens if there is no Score in Column P of “gv” when we go to sort?

In the end this is simply a problem solving exercise which is what working in IT is all about. With more time you could look into further improvements like:

  1. Locking down cells so that people couldn’t overwrite our formulae
  2. A better way to store the grade table
  3. Consolidating the show/hide buttons into one button that toggles
  4. Incorporating a “Print” button that hides the buttons before it prints

Hopefully though, you have enough of a grounding in Spreadsheets now to start thinking about how they can be used to make at least your own life a little bit easier!

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