02. LibreOffice Calc

Calc” is the spreadsheet application that comes with the LibreOffice office productivity suite. There is no option to only download “Calc” so you’ll have to download the whole suite. You’ll find the other applications just as useful as “Calc” and they take up very little room so go ahead and download it from here.

The version I have used throughout this tutorial is 4.0.4 and was current at the time of writing but if you’re downloading a newer version it will no doubt be appropriate.

Once you’ve installed the suite you should have all LibreOffice spreadsheets automatically open with “Calc“…now is probably as good a point as any to download our initial spreadsheet and see that you’re able to open “*.ods” files in “Calc“:

So what is “gv.ods” and what are we going to be doing with it?

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