14. Formatting

Now that our spreadsheet is functionally perfect, it’s time to present it. Remember, we’d like to be able to print this sheet as a summary of the data in the “gv” sheet. Formatting isn’t difficult it’s just fiddly and time consuming. Here’s what mine looks like:

Click on the above image to see the full version...

Once again click on the image to see the full version. In order to give you some help with formatting here are some tips:

Multiple Cell Selection
You are able to select multiple cells by holding the “Ctrl” key while clicking on cells. This means that you can select all the cells you need to change formatting for at once:

This is a technique that will save you a lot of time so I suggest using it wherever possible.

Format Cells
In order to access the “Format Cells” dialog box you need to right-click somewhere on your selection and select the “Format Cells” option:

You will then be faced with the following dialog box:

This is the main method for altering the formatting of your sheet. I won’t walk you through all of the options, but each of those tabs offers something else you can do to the formatting of your sheet, I suggest having a look at each and doing some experimenting.

Inserting an Image
It’s not difficult to insert an image into a spreadsheet:

Insert > Picture > From File...

Here’s the image I’ve inserted into my spreadsheet:

Page Setup
In order to set up the page itself you can choose:

Format > Page...

and you will be faced with the following dialog box:

Like the Format Cells box, this one lets you do quite a lot…once again, do some experimenting and get the page to look exactly like you want. Also keep in mind what it would look like when you print it. You can check by pressing the Print Preview button:

Apart from all of those tips, you will need to experiment and determine what you think makes the sheet the most user-friendly it can be. You may notice for instance that I’ve coloured the cells that a user needs to enter data in and I’ve also made the font colour white for the grade table information. Do some of your own thinking about what you can do to make this spreadsheet as presentable as possible.

So what else can we do with this spreadsheet?

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