16. Charts

Charts are another feature that Spreadsheets offer which adds to their power and versatility. Let’s create a chart that shows the Estimated Scaled Score for each student along with their estimated grade and their ID, something like this is what we’re going to create:

The beauty of practically all Spreadsheet applications is they provide a wizard to help you make charts…all you have to do to get started is select the range of data you’d like to convert into a chart. In our case we want the following three ranges simultaneously selected:

  1. B8:B37 (the list of Student IDs)
  2. P8:P37 (the list of estimated grades)
  3. S8:S37 (the list of estimated scaled scores)

Once you have all that selected, you just need to click on the Chart Wizard icon, i.e:

Then “Calc” will walk you through some steps to produce a chart for you:

Even if you don’t quite get the details right during this process, you’ve probably noticed you can see what’s happening with your chart-in-progress in the background. We can alter that chart after it’s been created so don’t stress if it’s not quite right:

Once a chart has been created you can double click on it to go into “Edit” mode, from within edit mode you can select all the aspects of the chart individually (x-axis, y-axis, chart data, background, etc…) and then right-click to get a context menu that will let you change it (see the picture above)

These menus are very similar to the ones we’ve seen while formatting so you shouldn’t be too worried about doing some experimentation.

Final Chart thoughts
In the end, almost everything we’ve been doing is about making the end user-experience better. There are two people we’re catering for; obviously the students who will see the printed “Summary” sheet but also the teacher using this spreadsheet to automatically summarise the “gv” output from ACS. You should be able to go ahead and experiment your way to a chart that looks like the one at the top of this lesson.

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