05. Creating a Project

Seeing as though this is an advanced tutorial I am going to move through the use of the IDE fairly quickly, once again if you have any questions then feel free to post them at the bottom of any of these pages and I’ll try and help.

We’ll start by creating a new project for our BlackJack program. Open Eclipse and select:

File -> New -> Java Project

In the new window, give our project a name (“BlackJack” seems like an obvious choice) select an Execution Environment (it may have already selected one for you, in my case it chose “JavaSE-1.6” which is fine) and then choose whether you want the source files in a folder or just in the project folder…this decision isn’t of importance to us at this stage in our OO journey, I’ve chosen to create separate folders:

Now that we have a new project we need to create our Card class. To do this simply right-click on our new “BlackJack” folder in the “Package Explorer” window on the left and select:

New -> Class

In the new window we need to give our class and project some parameters. This screen contains a few things so just make yours look exactly like mine:

The two most important things to take away from the building of your class are:

  1. Package: This is simply a unique reference to this particular project, it’s easiest at this stage of your OO journey to just use a place holder, in our case “source“.
  2. Name: This is the name of the class we’re making, obviously for us it is “Card

And once you hit “Finish” you’ll have created the first Class we need in our BlackJack project!

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