01. A starting point

Object-Oriented computer programs can involve a slightly different way of approaching a problem. If we were to properly look into the design process it would probably end up it’s own Advanced Tutorial, and perhaps some day it will, for now though I will just start with a brief discussion on the concept of UML or the Unified Modeling Language so that when I bring it up again later it won’t be a complete mystery!

What is UML
UML is a very thorough but also complex way of describing an Object-Oriented system. At the core of UML are a series of 13 different diagrams (under three classification banners) that can be used to explain a system. Rather than go into detail on these we will simply be using one, the Class Diagram.

The Class Diagram
This one diagram alone can become quite complex but for the purposes of this tutorial we will attempt to keep it simple. A Class Diagram helps to visualise the objects in a system and how they will interact. As we walk through this tutorial I will show you a really neat and easy way to create a Class Diagram via the yUML website.

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