04. OO Programming

Okay, we have some concepts under our belt and the idea of Object-Oriented Programming is probably slowly forming in your mind, it’s now time to do some programming.

There are many Object-Oriented programming languages out there to choose from but I’ve decided in this tutorial to show you how to use Java. This is first and foremost because it is free, but also because it’s relatively simple to get started with and it also forms the basis of Android Application development which is a good logical step to take after learning OO programming.

Installing Java
In order to install Java you need two things. A Java Development Kit (or JDK) and an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to work with. If you follow these steps you should be ready to program in no time:

  1. Download the most recent “Java Platform JDK” from this website
  2. Install the downloaded JDK, this should be a relatively simple install.
  3. Download the most recent “Eclipse IDE for Java Developers” from this website
  4. Unpack the downloaded IDE (doing this to a folder called “C:\eclipse\” is advisable)
  5. Open “Eclipse” and tell it where you’re going to save your projects

And that’s it! If I’ve stepped over those instructions a bit quickly and you can’t get it to work then feel free to ask questions below.

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