06. The Tools

We basically require two programs in order to not only work through this tutorial but to begin the process of web development:

A Web Browser
The first thing we need is a web browser that will correctly display our modern HTML5 and CSS3 web page. If you try viewing this template on an older browser, odds are it won’t work correctly. My suggestion is to use Google Chrome:

The Google Chrome Logo

The older (and nicer) Chrome Logo

Google are committed to updating their browser as HTML5 and CSS3 evolve so if you always have the latest version, you can be sure that the items you’re testing will work correctly. Chrome is also available as both a desktop install and a portable install so I suggest putting a copy on your home machine and one on your USB for when you’re away from your main development PC.

A Text Editor
The second thing we need is a text editor. One that makes our life easier by colour coding our source code is preferable. Most decent text editors will do the job but few are as easy to use as Notepad++:

The Notepad++ Logo

The Notepad++ Logo

Notepad++ is again available in both a desktop install and a portable install, I suggest grabbing both. While this editor may not show every aspect of our technologies correctly it’s very easy to use and for a free program is perfectly adequate for us.

Once you have those installed and you’ve got a copy of the template unzipped somewhere on your computer we can start understanding what exactly makes up a web page.

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