03. What is JS?

Righty-O, now we’re well and truly in the deep end! At this stage of your web design journey I’ll just give you a heads up and we’ll incorporate a little bit of JavaScript in this tutorial but I’m only going to touch on it. If you’re really keen on web design you can have a look at one of my other tutorials another time.

JavaScript Logo


So, JS stands for JavaScript and is one of the more complicated element of web design to understand but thankfully, it’s not one that all web designers are going to require much knowledge of (certainly not beginning ones!) But if we’re learning about the fundamentals of web design then it’s probably worth at least touching on JavaScript.

We know now that HTML is what sets a web page up with the content it requires and that CSS is what tells that web page how to look pretty. This third element, JavaScript, is one of the ways you can tell a web page how to behave and respond to user input. I’ll show you how to incorporate them all in this tutorial but the JavaScript will be minimal. It’s more important to understand HTML and CSS before jumping into something like JavaScript.

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