02. What is CSS3

Okay, now we’re getting into some of the nitty gritty of web design. That sample page you might have copied from my Web Design┬álanding page involved the use of HTML5 and nothing else. But HTML5 is not supposed to make a web page look pretty. That is the job of Cascading Style Sheets.

The CSS3 logo


A Cascading Style Sheet is a separate layer to HTML that tells your web page how it is supposed to look. No doubt you’ve already worked out that the acronym “CSS” stands for Cascading Style Sheet but the number 3 at the end may be confusing you. Well, just like HTML, CSS is a technology that has had to evolve over the years, CSS3 is just the most modern iteration of Cascading Style Sheets (and is in fact still evolving!) and once again, rather than mess about with older technologies, let’s just jump into the fresh, clean end of the web design pool.

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