17. Conclusion

So after 16 long pages of information and tutorialising, your web site is finally finished! The final product should look a little something like this:

It may be a very basic site but it has hopefully shown you how to create a structure based on a simple plan, and how to utilise some of the more important HTML and CSS elements. Before we sign off though I’ll just bring your attention to a couple of final points.

You may be wondering why we included a JavaScript file that never gets used. Well you’re welcome to delete it if you like but since it’s already incorporated into your page it may serve as a good extenstion activity to try adding some JavaScript behaviours to your site. Try adding the current time for instance!

The way I’ve taught you to create CSS values can in many cases be shortened. For instance if you’re creating a padding inside an object where all values are the same then instead of listing the same value four times, you can just list it once. There are all sorts of other short cuts you might find handy such as this link that will format your code or this link that can validate your HTML page.

Further Tutorials
This site is still very much in it’s infancy and in the future I’m looking to create tutorials on Dynamic Website Design, Use of CMS’s, JavaScript and Advanced Web Design so keep checking back for those tutorials, or you could do some research yourself.

Congratulations on completing this tutorial, you’re part of the way towards a career in web design!

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