01. Inception

Yes, it was a cool movie and no you don’t need to watch it to continue. Basically this step is about coming up with your idea and most importantly planning what the layout is going to look like. If you don’t plan it, what’s the point of starting? A great place to start is with a picture of your front page:

The front page of our website

A plan for the front page of our website

Colours, fonts, names and anything else really don’t matter at this stage. The Tags I’ve included in my picture will be explained once we start making this page so don’t worry about that. The most important thing is to have the general layout clear.

Once this is complete you can list the different pages you will require. In my case I am going to have four links in my menu:

  1. Home
  2. Products
  3. About
  4. Contact

To properly plan a website you should be considering MUCH more than we have here but this tutorial is focusing on the creation of a website. If you wish to know more about how to plan a website then check out my planning tutorial.

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