18. Conclusion

We are almost done. In fact, to complete this tutorial all we need to add is one line…rather than just give it to you though you should have the knowledge and understanding of what we’ve been building to add it yourself. The hint I’ll give you is that our program doesn’t do anything when you first run it so how might we fix that?

And there you have your first Android application! It’s pretty simple but it demonstrates the basic skills necessary to be an Application developer.

There’s still plenty to learn if you’re looking to delve deeper into application development and in time perhaps I’ll make further tutorials available but you should now have enough knowledge to extend your own skills.

One thought on “18. Conclusion

  1. Hi do u mind sending me an email on how the StartActivity.java class code looks like? ive been spending days on troubleshooting my startactivity class. Basically from tutorial 12 onwards. I can’t seem to troubleshoot it.

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