04. Upload/Download

Okay, so FileZilla is now connected to both your local computer and the online server you can write to. Now comes the familiar and easy part.

FileZilla works almost exactly like the explorer file/folder structure of whatever operating system you’re using. You can drag something from the left hand column into the right hand column and it will be copied from the local computer to your online server. Or you can drag something from the online server to your local computer and it will be copied to your local computer. Brilliant!

FileZilla Transfer

On the left is your local machine, the right is the server

You may be wondering what happens if you go to overwrite a file that’s already there? The answer is exactly what you’d expect, FileZilla will ask you what you want to happen.

And there you have it. Hopefully you can see why a program like Filezilla is so useful, it mimics the copy/paste functionality found in your operating system which you’d no doubt be familiar with. If you’re editing a website and constantly making changes to what’s online then some kind of FTP client is a must!

One thought on “04. Upload/Download

  1. You could add a section telling people some things about file permissions and stuff. For example if you want your friend to to help you and you don’t want to give him full access a lot of hosts will allow you to make another account with different permissions. It would be good to also add in that a handy thing to do when dealing with a lot of files is that you can right click on a file on the server and select edit. You can then edit the file and then when you save it a window in filezilla will come up asking if you want to update the file. It’s much easier than editing it and then finding it on the left side and dragging it over. Especially if you just want to make a quick change.

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