03. FTP requirements

Okay, so FileZilla is open…now what? Well now we need to know a few things in order to get it working correctly:

  1. Where is the information you’re trying to upload. In my case I am going to upload my “teegipedia” website which is currently on my USB drive. I will need to know the full address of where that is, something like “F:\Assorted\…\teegipedia”
  2. Where are you uploading it to. I’m *hoping* if you’re reading this it’s because you have an Internet destination in mind. If you don’t have somewhere to upload to then you’ll need to go and sort that out. My web host has an ftp hostname that I will use, if you have purchased some web space then your host will no doubt have an ftp hostname also.
  3. How will FileZilla authenticate with the host. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to simply talk to the ftp host without some sort of authentication, once again your host will be able to tell you your username and password.

With those three pieces of information you should now be able to connect to your web host by filling out the information in the “Quickconnect” panel at the top of FileZilla:

FileZilla Quickconnect

This is the Quickconnect panel of FileZilla

Don’t worry about the port unless your web host says you should but it’s unlikely they will. Once you click ”Quickconnect” you should now see your online folder in the right hand column of FileZilla!

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