So what’s this site about?

This site is all about tutorials. The majority of these are based around computer skills but there are some general interest ones also. You can see the menu at the top lists five separate tutorial categories:

  1. Basic Tutorials: These are designed to address the basic skills that any regular computer user should possess.
  2. Medium Tutorials: These address the sorts of skills that anyone looking to work in Information Technology would find beneficial.
  3. Hard tutorials: These tutorials are for those with a desire to become IT professionals or who have a keen interest in a specific IT field.
  4. Hobby Tutorials: These are simply general interest areas that I have decided to write tutorials on.
  5. In Progress Tutorials: These ones I am still trying to write (and understand) and would love some assistance on!

One thing in IT is clear, keeping ahead of the game is no easy feat. This website means I can have content I create available to not just my students but anyone with an interest. The “blog” format also allows students, peers and visitors to all contribute to the content via comments and feedback such that it can evolve, so why don’t you have a look around and see if you’ve got something to add!

4 thoughts on “So what’s this site about?

  1. Hi mrcruwys! just wanted to let you know you still have chris and mine’s assignment running in the background of your website! just thought i’d let you know, you are welcome to use if for further teaching if you want to :)

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