Screen Capture

Taking a capture of what’s on the computer screen is a simple thing to do. If you’re using a Windows computer then on your keyboard you will more than likely have a key much like this one:

The Print Screen Key

Most full-size keyboards have it located above the "Insert" key

When you press that key you will not see anything happen and it may not seem like you’re doing much but in the background the computer has taken a copy of what’s on your screen and stored it on the Clipboard. So if you then go into any program that allows you to paste (this would most commonly be a program like Paint, Photoshop or even Microsoft Word), you can now paste that Screen Capture and do what you like with it. Simple huh? So why should you care?

Well the main reason is that Screen Captures are often the best way to show someone how to do something you’re doing on the computer. So if I wanted to show you where to find Paint, I could give you the following section of a Screen Capture:

So where is Paint?

Paint comes with every install of Windows, this is where it is in XP

You will find I use this technique frequently throughout my tutorials. Rest assured that even if you can’t think of a reason to use it right this second, now that it’s in the back of your mind…you will!

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