01. What is Bonsai?

Bonsai is an ancient Japanese horticultural art form. The horticultural component involves growing a tree, plant or shrub and ensuring it’s healthy life. The art involves restricting the plants growth and forcing it to take on a shape and visual style that makes the plant an ornament:

<< pic >>

What makes this hobby unique is that it requires a mastery of both horticulture and art. Being able to do only one of those will result in mediocre results (if not failure.)

The other important factor in Bonsai is patience. In order to achieve a more lifelike bark and shape to a Bonsai tree it can take years or even decades!

<< pic >>

Becoming an expert is not something that can be taught which adds to the uniqueness of Bonsai as a hobby. The skills and techniques you’ll find in this tutorial or elsewhere need to be practiced and experienced firsthand. That is both the appeal and the challenge!

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